Advantages of having two event emcees (Male and Female Cohost) in a show

Events and occasions are very special to families and corporate. To make this event go in a smooth flow and make it a great memory and grand success, we need someone to coordinate the event. Event organizers and event managers take care of organizing the event. At the time of the event, the event emcee carries the show in a smooth manner. The event emcee coordinates with the other performers and makes sure that the event goes in a smooth flow from start to the end. An event emcee is otherwise called as Master of Ceremonies, Master of Ceremony, Stage Host, Event MC, Anchor, etc.

An Event Emcee would be of great use in Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Building Activities, Conferences, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meet, Mall Activities, Wedding Receptions . Sangeet, Get together, Cricket Matches and other sports, Quiz Shows, etc.

Usually one event emcee is enough for a show; that can be either a male or a female. Based on his / her experience and expertise the event emcee would be able to handle the show and make it a hit. However a few events would need 2 emcees. That’s what I’m going to discuss in this article.

Tamilnadu Event Emcee Thamizharasan at Namakkal National ConferenceBefore I proceed further, a small intro about me. I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran, an Event Emcee (Master of Ceremonies / Master of Ceremony / MC ) based at Chennai. I have been hosting events in Bengaluru, Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu since 2012. I have also planted the seeds to expand across India. I have hosted more than 200 events in these 4 years. 

In my initial years of event emceeing I had been hosting all events on my own. Basically I was a person who likes to work individually. In my 3 years of events career (2013 to 2015) I hardly worked with any female emcees. But as the days progressed and I ventured into different types of events, I realized that I need to work with co-hosts and other team members. I kept my mind open to work with female hosts. I got a couple of chances to work with a few female emcees but those events didn’t get finalize due to various reasons. Eventually I got a wonderful opportunity to cohost with my Emcee Trainer Monisha.

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan with Cohost Monisha Chennai Event Emcee Monisha with Cohost Thamizharasan

She got an event to host the Asean Sealing Products Family Day at Green Coconut Resort and it was a great experience for me to work with a female host, that too my trainer. And again I didn’t get much opportunity to work with cohosts.

After I got into Emcee Training, I started working with a couple of female emcees when training them. I usually take them to my events and make them as cohosts or I go to their events and I become the cohost. However none of the combination turned into a long term association. And then I got a right combination that was with my trainee, good friend, cohost Nandhini. She had already been hosting events whenever there were team outings or birthday parties in her office. After we had a lengthier discussion one fine day, we decided that she would start doing commercial events professionally. I took her to a couple of my events and since then we started hosting several events together.

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan cohosting with Female Emcees

Having had worked with my cohost Nandhini in several events, I found several advantages of having a cohost for an event which I wanted to share here.

Chennai Event Emcee Nandhini and cohost Thamizharasan hosting Sangeet

Advantages of having cohosts for an event:

·         Having a skilled qualified single emcee would definitely entertain the audience; no doubt about it. However when you have two emcees, it would definitely take the event to the next higher level. Especially when the crowd size is huge, you definitely need two emcees to pump up the energy level of the audience.

·         When there are two emcees, they can bully them each other, make fun of them, can have more interaction which the audience would enjoy and the event would be more lively.

·         If we divide the audience or the participants into teams, the two emcees can adopt one team each and they can bring in competition (in a healthy way) and sportiveness between the teams.

·         Sometimes the agenda of the event gets messed up due to various reasons. Some of the performers or the participants may not be ready or there may be technical issues etc. Once the event is started, at any cost there shouldn’t be any lag or pause; else the audience would lose the tempo. So in such cases, one of the emcees can get down the stage and sort these issues out and the other emcee can still engage the audience by conducting games or interacting with the audience. This is one common thing which we have seen in several events.

·         Every emcee would have his / her own USP. Few emcees may be good at humour, few good at games, few good at singing, few good at dancing and so on. So when you work as a combo, you are giving double benefit to the client. In our case I’m good at conducting right games at right time based on audience pulse and giving right counters for the audience comments and Nandhini is very good at dancing and singing. So when it comes for games, I take control of it and when dance is involved Nandhini takes control of it. So at the end of the event, we have the satisfaction that we gave a complete package of entertainment to the audience.

Challenges faced while cohosting:

Chennai Event Emcees Thamizh and NandhiniWhen we first started cohosting we had a lot of challenges. The biggest challenge which majority of the cohosts face is voice overlapping; Yes when two emcees have mic and they host the show, timing is very very important. One has to wait for the other person to complete and then start speaking. Also they should have spontaneity; one emcee has to know how to continue and what to speak when the other emcee has completed his / her sentence. They should have a proper flow and there should be continuity. Else there is no point in having two hosts, when they both host in their own style and at their own pace.

We had this challenge in our initial events. To sort this problem, for a couple of events we didn’t host together. Though we go to an event as cohosts, we would host one by one. We both would give intro one by one and then I would conduct the first game and handover the mic to my cohost. Then she would conduct a few games and handover the mic to me. This is how we would continue the event and we both would wind up the event together. Though we wouldn’t cohost the complete event, we would take a slight risk by cohosting a part of the event. We have been doing this to build our confidence.

After a couple of events, we were confident enough and we were sure that our over lapping problem has been sorted out and since then we started full pledged cohosting where we would interact with each other, I would ask question to my cohost, she would answer and then she would ask me question, we would bully each other, make fun of each other, we ask questions to audience and answer spontaneously, etc.

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan cohosting with Trainee Nandhini and Trainer Monisha

Ever since I started cohosting with Nandhini, I didn’t cohost much with any other female emcee and same way she didn’t cohost much with any other male emcee. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to work with any other emcees. It’s just that we haven’t found the right opportunity. We are always open to work with any other emcees as it would definitely help us to enhance our skills and help us to leap to the next level in our events career.

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