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Good Evening! MC Thamizharasan here from Chennai Event Emcees, Entertainers and Professionals. An Event Emcee, Emcee Manager and the founder of the above brands.  I don’t know how much time this live session will take as I want to discuss about lot of things in this live session and I have listed down ten topics to discuss here. I will discuss all the topics randomly from one topic to another so I am telling it openly as a disclaimer whatever I observed during the last 10 days in others life or in my personal life or whatever present happening in my career or the results I got it from research and data mining will be discussed here. So disclaimer the live session will be randomly discussed so please adjust and watch it. Overall the discussion will be based on the professional and personal life challenges and what will be the future due to this coronavirus outbreak.  May be my assumption of 10 to 15 minutes will be the duration of this live session is my plan, so be prepared mentally to watch this session. To begin the session, I’m not going to talk more about corona as I had already discussed briefly in my previous videos and many persons are have been discussing about the updates and most of us are having awareness about that. We all have the awareness about the coronovirus but still people are lazy to follow and roaming outside due to the negligence. Basically to discuss about corono is know the facts and stay inside the home is what we expect. I always said these in my all live videos three things to be followed one is to pray for the corona victims to get cured soon, second thing is to take preventive measures to avoid coronavirus for us and to avoid spreading. Also to share the information whatever we get after the proper filtration as many o such information is false. It feels like every day, we are only discussing about corona and no other work to discuss.  In fact many people are asking the same thing that all other persons are discussing about corona, health, how many people died due to this corona , how many people will live after this corona effect are discussing but you’re always discussing about your business in the situation whether we don’t know we live tomorrow or not. After listening to this question I usually laugh because I’m not the only one who is discussing business but all the other persons who are in the business community know who are all discussing their business. Why because I already told this in all my videos that this moment will also pass. Nothing is permanent if we go to Corona. Let it happen if not again we have to come to our daily routine business. At that time I need money and a career, then only I can make my family members stay happy. To make this happen what I’m doing at present is very important like if I’m in trouble means that’s due to the mistake I did at somewhere similarly if we think these days as a rest and for enjoying considering this as a vacation leave then in the coming days when the situation becomes normal I have to struggle a lot to sustain. Always remember one thing whatever we are enjoying at this moment is due to the work you did in the past and also doing work at this moment will give results later which helps in building our career and life. Before starting this live I want to thank a community of people i.e. housewives category which I want to convey in my previous videos but it was delayed now I think it’s the right time after seeing a RJ Rohini post I got inspired to talk about this today. She had nicely explained about the busy schedule of a housewife, it’s very interesting and also we have to accept that. I spoke about this topic in the past years before. If a school kid gets holidays then they will very happily enjoy the holidays, if office goers go leave means they will also enjoy the leaves. Instead of just enjoying the holidays at home, promptly we get good food and snacks like tea, biscuits, chips etc.  But whatever happens outside like rain, flood, cyclone or whatever like this corona outbreak is the only category that never gets leaves. Maybe the doctors, police will get rotational shifts of working time but in the case of house wives 24/7 and 365 days as there is no option to take leave. So for all those persons I salute them. At the same time for my sister-in-law in my home and my relatives I want to thank them. As they are working round the wheel we are all doing our job and living happily. So I want to thank each of the housewives and most of the men don’t understand this and think about this. Only after awareness they get to know so I request everyone to help in their home whatever they can. I have already shared in my first live session that preparing a tea or preparing food. So help them at least in the small things like cleaning the house or whatever you have possibilities so that you can give some rest to them in this way. Working continuously is a big challenge to them at this time, one year back when I spoke about this what I said is a day in a week has to be cooked by any other alternate person or else can buy and get the food from outside hotels. Give a break for your housewives at least for a day in a week or few days in a month. So this is the first thing I want to convey. Second thing, whether my lifestyle has any changes due to this coronavirus outbreak, definitely I have not found any big changes. Usually due to this shutdown period, the changes will occur to the persons like who continuously works in their only field outside and to stay inside the home now will definitely cause difficulty to them. For me, I come from the school of Dr. Maharaja so it’s like if I have any event to attend I will go and attend it or else I sit back at home and work for it. So for me it’s not a new deal to sit at home and work for 10 to 15 days continuously during the busy events time or during break times like now. What we do is we keep doing a lot of work at home, so we have to learn the things to do at home. If we know what are things we have to do at home then it will give a great impact in your life. Frequently I say that we always have 300 to 500 hours to do work at any time. If there is no event then we continue with our next work. So instead of thinking about the other things we plan for our work by listing a task list to do and work for home is not a new thing for me and I don’t have any high level impact due to this. I’m using this time to complete my lots of work as I said earlier in my previous videos.  Most of the things had been already discussed in my previous videos so that’s why I’m just consolidating here. List out all the pending works to be done both professionally and personally and also you can list the tasks like to talk with those your friends, whom you wanted to talk from long time, pending works to be done in your home from past days and professional works like blogging or shooting videos etc., after listing down this backlog list and continuing your work to finish the tasks in the list. The next thing is create the new content and do marketing for that by scheduling or posting. Some of my terminology might be technical. If you have a mentor or business coach you can consult them or else you can ask me in private chat by contacting my mobile number ten I will teach you what scheduling means. So if you can use this time for your work it will bounce back to you tomorrow when the things get to normal level and it will be really helpful to you. In this way my life is always busy, I’m thinking that this period is like a vacation for 20 days at home but still I’m doing any work. Yesterday I had analyzed for 15 minutes how I’m spending my time these days then I understood what I am spending my time for, one side I’m spending time for my learning by watching some videos related to corona updates and also business skills and also I’m spending my time for additional skill learning. So the first thing I’m spending my time on is learning through videos and articles. Secondly I am applying it to whatever I learnt through videos and articles. For example in a video they said to write a summary on me means then I write a summary on me on a paper and again I shoot it as a video. So first thing is learning, second thing is applying it practically and thirdly I’m creating content out of it. Today you could have seen in my whatsapp or facebook status that a video on my emcee introduction or what I’m doing for transcription. So like this I have circulated in the market whatever I have learnt by this my work will be over. By seeing these videos people may give opportunity to me or it may be a value added content to my profile. This is not only for business but people can learn after seeing that. So I learn, apply it and circulate it for the market that is nothing but content creation or content marketing. Also I have a team Chennai event emcees, I have to guide them and assign work and keep them engaged with work so that they never feel lonely by not having any work to do. So, whatever required they will collect the material like training and by giving work they will be engaged. Beyond this time spending with family and personal time like taking care of my health, taking a proper rest, discussing things with family or helping little things in their works. Honestly I never did any higher level work at home, one week I kept it as a planning stage. Maybe once all these things are settled then I will also be spending more time with family by doing whatever required in the family by learning the other things. This is how my time has been going by keeping myself busy, busy in the sense productive. Coming to the next important thing is about corona, and I already told this in my previous videos we can’t do anything as we are not scientists or doctors. We can only do the three things which I discussed previously at the beginning of this live session. Besides these three things it’s not necessary to read all the forward messages we are getting now  for example: is this coronavirus started by a Chinese or is this Chinese bio war or was it already discussed on Netflix in 2018 in a contagion movie? Knowing some things is good to know information. What we are going to do just by discussing these forward messages, from my Mentor Dr. Maharaja one thing I learnt was if I go and convey any message to him then he will ask me two things whether I’m giving it as information or I’m asking it as a question. If it is information then listen in one ear and out the other thinking that something you wanted to share, if it is a question then I need to give it a solution. Similarly if anyone tells anything or if I share anything to others I think in mind that why I am analyzing this, why I am learning and I am discussing about this. Is this just for information sharing or due to this am I getting any solution or I’m getting any business by this sharing? So now everyone is sharing different information about this coronavirus update individually sitting in their homes respectively. Actually it has to be done by doctors or scientists or the government so need not to worry about that. So people are discussing the invention of medicine of course even I have spoken about this in my previous video that by mixing the thamizhan culture we can invent any medicine. Like this we can give certain suggestions we can give to the government or authorities but it’s not possible to invent the vaccine or medicine individually if at all really capable of that I am not stopping you because I am not any authority to tell not to do. But beyond the limit gossiping about this coronavirus is not at all going to help in any way. Discussing how many people are infected everyday is good as a part of current affairs but it doesn’t mean to spend all your time discussing that in a day. In a day of 24 hours, after sleeping for 8 hours then it’s not too good to spend only for discussing the corona in the remaining time. From morning to evening if we are only discussing this corona then what we are going to do in the next upcoming days when the situation comes to normal as we have to do many things. If you’re in the negative thought of not to going to live in the next month due to this corona effect then its fine to discuss about these things but usually we are not like that everyone have a hope of living and we all have families depending on us and to enjoy the life don’t be a state of live for the moment. Instead think about what you’re going to do in the next month and in the upcoming days. So I’m not telling you to discuss corona, you can simultaneously think about your career by diving a day in a balanced way. If in the past you spend your time 80% to business and remaining 20% to family now it’s time to change the proportions giving priority to family 80% time for family and remaining 20% for business or else giving 50 % for business and 50% for family whatever its proportional but you have to allocate time for everything . Based on this you can plan your day including spending time with your family. Frequently I say I’m not like the person just for passing the information, I give solutions depending on my possibilities but this is not the only correct solution. Based on this solution you can decide and apply it, modify it and arrive at it. What I arrived at in my balanced life planning is spending time with family like mother, father, wife, husband or children try to spend time with them at least during lunch or dinner together. I have a habit of eating alone in my room by locking the door, doing some work on my laptop but now spending those times with family for 10 to 15 minutes.  In that 15 or 30 minutes I’m not going to achieve anything big so like this spend little time along with family members. Second thing is to enhance your knowledge by watching videos or reading articles choosing different topics related to corona and also to your business by listing yourself and then apply it and create the content either youtube video or article and do marketing for yourself . If you are doing these things you’re balancing your life from corona and your business in the next upcoming months. This is what I want to share here mainly and most of the people asked me a question why I’m discussing more about business rather than giving importance to family. Clearly my answer is there is a balanced life which I planned for myself. You can just think in this way if you want to spend total time for your family, have you earned the sufficient money for the next coming months or at least or current situation? If you don’t have any money in your hands then how can you go and buy essential things in the market you need for you and for your family. Then how will you spend time with your family? If you’re spending time with your kids and if they ask for any snacks for them how can you manage to buy it? Without money how much you’re going to keep your family happy? In this case of necessity of earning money you have to save some money as savings for the future. If you don’t have any savings now then definitely you need to spend more time for your business rather than with family like 80% time for business and rest 20 % with family. Even 20% of time for business is fine like in 16 hours time after spending 10 hours time with a family. The remaining 5 to 6 hours of time spending for business is more than enough. But according to my experience most of them are not working for at least 5 to 6 hours either they spend with their families or spend with corona updates. Most of them are in the thought of not having any business by sitting at home but they don’t know they can do many things related to business by simply sitting at their homes respectively. Now I’m going to the next important topic, I’m going to discuss two things, one is what kind of awareness I have learnt in this situation and the other what are the confusion things facing in these situations. Like how you’re watching this video you will be watching hundreds of videos online. At that there will arise a confusion state that which video content is correct and in other some videos people discuss continuously blah then how can we manage these confusion? For example today I have shared about webinar training sessions going to happen in my whatsapp, facebook status. All these training sessions are good programs but most of the people have confusion about attending more online training sessions. In fact last year in my videos I had discussed this, before I used to attend training programs everyday but I couldn’t find any kind of change in my life. While attending those programs I feel very excited and interested to attend once after the program. The next day my life goes the same way and couldn’t be able to find any sort of change. While discussing this to my mentor Dr. Maharaja he corrected my mistake that I am applying it in my life whatever I learnt in those training programs. He suggested noting down the important points during the program either a video or in person training and after the training by analyzing make a note of two important things taught in the last page of the notes and what’s the point you’re going to apply in that training session. Then apply those two points you have noted at the last page and once again revise it and take two more points to apply.  This may be a small advice but it’s one of the powerful pieces of advice I got. After applying this advice I succeeded in many things. In this way you please try to attend the online webinar training sessions and don’t stop after attending the session that’s what I want to mention the word intellectual constipation which I already shared in a post. Thanks to Suresh Padmanabhan sir who conducts money workshop it is similar to our physical body routine like if you eat more and more but you don’t excrete it then it will become constipation in the same way if you don’t apply the knowledge you gained then it’s called as intellectual constipation and it affects our mind and we may get mad or make others mad. So you must apply the knowledge properly to whatever you have learnt. If you don’t apply it then others may criticize you. For example you can find this in movie critics, if they know lots of information about a thing then others may be joking about it stating that it is wrong or this is wrong. But when those people practically do that then only they come to know the difficulties faced in those situations and then they can make corrections related to that. So in this way whatever the training programs you are going to attend, now in this situation you can see many webinars training sessions online. You can attend those training sessions and that doesn’t mean to attend all the sessions you can select based on the topics, based on the speakers or else you can attend for sometime then after a certain time you come to know whether it is good or not and you can also browse their profile. So allocate some hour’s say 4 or 5 hours for training sessions. As I said earlier in my video, we can’t say that we don’t have enough time in this particular situation but if you say that in the last month it might be acceptable but now everyone is having enough time of 24 hours. Then do some research instead of wasting time on other things you can know about their profile and then decide to follow anyone of them principles. And then make a note of two important points in their videos and apply it. This is what I’m going to do for example in this 30 minutes video you can take any two points and apply it in your life like to watch a training program everyday might be a point or else to spend time with your family for 4 hours may be another point. After applying these two points then go or the third point you find the most important and apply it. But most of the time we have a problem of plenty, if we have 100 points to be followed but we don’t follow it due to the lack of structure. So this is the main problem and my simple solution for this is make a note of points in a notepad or by taking a pen and paper or in a system that this is what you have learnt and I’m going to apply it from this video. So in this way try to watch a maximum number of videos and note down the points by yourself and try to apply it and then shoot your video or write it down as an article. By sharing your content only others might come to know about you. By sitting in your home and watching videos for 16 hours or practicing for 16 hours is not known to the others. When you decide to speak or share then only people will come to know about you that you also have the talent. So try to apply in this and come to the last topic. Thanks to Mr. Rajiv Talreja and my friend Mr. Dinesh for sending his link while I’m watching his video. In fact after watching the video I came to know that whatever he had discussed was already I have shared in my videos. In fact in training industries it will be like that only, some people may say it very easy that I know whatever this training is talking about but the biggest problem is that we are not applying it in a structured way. Of course many times for me and Dr. Maharaja many people give their feedback like we know what you’re telling but we are not following it. Then I asked why they are not following it. Their simple answer is not having a structural plan to apply it. As I discussed earlier too many or plenty of things we have but we don’t apply it. But if you can do it in a step by step manner then it will give the results. While watching Mr. Rajiv Talreja video most of the topics are already known to me and one of the important things that inspired me in his video. Not only one but two or three things he discussed about corona also of course he only said not to waste time for spending on corona updates point is discussed by him. The second import thing is bridging the gap which is the most important topic. He also said that when he has the event Management Company, when he is event management he used to do all the on field works and now when there is no work for on field for two to three months and while sitting in the home thinking about the work I can do by sitting in the home is the moment I come to know how much handicapped I was in online before. Fortunately I don’t have that issue as already I said I’m an online guy as my mentor is training me from past 8 years. So I always do any work online every time. But the issue is when those who don’t know about this online will come to know now that they have done nothing online as far. When they are in the situation of not going outside for any work then they feel like a handicapped then they will come to learn everything in online at this point but it’s never too late at least they will learn from now what they have to do by identifying that gap, before they had run the business in a stereotypical way but now when decided to see the business in the other angle first sit-down with a coach and analyze it or attend any paid video session. Learn it as fast as you can and then apply it and make your business online, by online how you can make revenue generation or at least how you can create a market online. For example, from last one week I’m posing that I’m sharing about the business opportunities then most of them have the question of how much do I earn from online. To be honest I have not earned any money in the past 1 week or 10 days but I’ve been earning money online for the past 8 years. I’m getting most of my business opportunities through online only. If you ask about how much I can earn in this one month means again I’m not certain and I don’t have a high level need to earn it now and don’t know whether I earn or not. But regarding that I have planned for all marketing work, everyday I’m shooting my video, everyday I’m posting in social media. All these will be a part of SEO, when someone searches in google next month for an event people definitely will be at the top. At that time all this will be converted as a direct business in the next two months or three months or at least by the time of June or July when the situation comes to normal. So I am not saying I don’t earn now and not to earn now instead my focus is on my branding and my market to push it out and to get the reach rather than earning directly now online.  So that’s happening and at the same time opportunities for earning online are sharing and researching from my side. So in the same way you can also do it for your business whatever the business you’re in doing. First take your business online and learn what are the things you can do in online for your business like you can capture in online, shoot video and post it, sharing the marketing whatever you can do. This is all what I wanted to share with you here. Thank you so much. Maybe if the live session is lengthy please watch it again and understand the things. Any suggestions you have can be leaved as a comment below this live session or you can message me on my whatsapp number 900-308-7198 you can also get to know more about me in my website and also like this facebook page Chennai event professionals for getting regular updates. To watch the videos subscribe to our youtube channel Chennai event emcees. Thank you so much and stay home and fight against Corona and also let’s do something new and innovative for our business. Thank you so much. All the best!  

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