Events and Occasions are very special to families and companies. To make these events and occasions more colourful, more entertaining, more interactive, more fun we need someone to host the event. I take privilege in introducing myself as an Event Host (called by other names as Event Emcee, MC, Stage EmCee, Anchor) who makes your work easier at your event and make the event memorable for you and your near and dear ones. Yes, I host events for groups as small as a family party to as big as a corporate show. Rather than calling myself as an Entertainer, I would like to call myself as an EnterTrainer. I would entertain you along with little bit of Training Factor inside it without you knowing it and without you feeling the struggle of understanding it.

My charges:Within Chennai:
Rs 20,000 for full day (8 hours)
Minimum Payment (Half Day): Rs 12,000 (3 hours)
Out Station:
50% additional on the Chennai charges plus Travel, Accommodation shall be taken care by the client.
This Page is still under construction. For time being you can view my complete profile in my other website www.vjthamizharasan.com/emceeing