Handling tough time due to Corona Virus Covid-19 and how to plan your work

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Good Evening! MC Thamizharasan here from Chennai Event Emcees, Entertainers and Professionals. An Event Emcee, Emcee Manager and the founder of the above brands.  Today not only the whole country but the entire world is discussing the coronavirus, corona outbreak and shutdown. As this virus is rapidly increasing I want to discuss a few basic things related to this which I had already spoken about last week was just an outline, Now I’m going to discuss in-depth.  First thing, when corona comes means, one side a lot people are facing difficulties due to this corona. On the other hand some people are saying that some are doing their jobs happily and enjoying themselves. As usual whenever a natural calamity takes place like an earthquake or floods, they have to continue their jobs irrespective of these conditions. So we have to balance both the situations. So based on this I’m telling three pieces of advice, the first one is everyone should pray for those who have been infected by corona for their speedy recovery. Because we are not scientists or doctors to help them, the only thing we can do is pray for their speedy recovery. Also we have to wish for those scientists who are researching a medicine for this coronavirus.  Secondly we have to follow preventive measurements and precautions to avoid the spreading of virus for ourselves and also for the people surrounding us.  This step is in our hands so we can follow for us by knowing the updates regularly and after verifying we can share with the people we care like family and friends etc. avoid spreading rumors regarding corona. To pray for people who are infected and to take preventive measurements to avoid corona comes under personal life. Coming to the professional life we have to do our duties to perform a job as this corona may get medicine at any time in a few days or weeks or maybe take a month’s but definitely they will find a solution to keep it in a normal stage by scientists or doctors or people in the medical field. After this situation everybody has to do their regular jobs as usual to run their lives respectively. In that case what are the preparations we are going to do now is mainly discussed in this video. Thirdly, how to run our lives once the situation comes under a normal stage? 

Next I want to share my small tips regarding Covid 19 based on the research I did and studied. We are getting lots of forward messages to change the food habits; others telling us to include garlic in our food while some others are ignoring it as it works it up for Covid 19. In other places I recommended taking plenty of water to avoid corona. So lots of tips are being shared by many people and some people are stating wrong in it. Whatever it is the two basic things are if our immunity power is low there are more chances of getting infected and if we have inferiority then also there is a chance to get infected as we get low psychologically or mentally. So in this case we have to be mentally strong and for general well being we have to intake healthy food as there is no particular food mentioned anywhere. My suggestion is to generally intake a good diet to improve your immune system. The second tip is when a person is infected who is surrounded by us we will become low especially for a mother if her baby is infected with a fever then mother won’t take precautions and will be in negligence and ready to get infected as her child is already infected. They make mistakes by touching and being close with them as they do all this due to emotion. In this case I’m giving my suggestion to a mother or a father of a child who got infected and also for the other case if either wife or husband got infected the other will ignore the preventive measurements. Neglecting the preventive measures will be definitely a big mistake to get infected by themselves and you can only save them if you’re strong enough to handle the situation and provide them with the necessary things needed. 

For example, in your home if your baby is infected due to corona then, you think like there is no problem of getting infected to yourself by being close to them then who will buy the medicines and earn the money for them. So if you can admit the baby in the hospital then you have to do your duties as usual. For this you have to be very strong and don’t emotionally sacrifice yourselves to get infected. So be strong enough and get out rid of the situation. On the other hand some people say nothing will happen to them as they are physically strong.  For example, I frequently tell everyone I have never visited hospital for 20 years for any small health issues that means I must not think that I won’t get infected by corona if I wander outside normally and by touching anything. The virus may spread by any way and don’t be over confident that it won’t affect you and please follow the preventive measurements and always be hygienic as much as possible. 

Now I’m coming to the topic of professional life which is very important and our main topic in this video. We all were hearing the announcements from past 2 to 3 weeks about corona. In the Last week Bangalore has been shut down totally and now in Tamil Nadu for the coming 15 days there will e a shutdown that means all the schools and colleges will be closed, all the cinema theatres and entertainment will be closed, also there is no more allowed for bookings of entry for a wedding or birthday parties.  Due to this almost every person is affected like event managers, event professionals and this is not only for the event industry also for general people they can relate to their respective industries. Majorly the event industry has been affected due to this corona outbreak as we are getting calls and messages that committed events are cancelled or postponed at this time which is acceptable as in this situation we can’t gather the people. Secondly we can’t discuss the events to happen in the next month as the world is in the condition of live or death war it’s not the right thing to discuss about the event to happen on June or July entertainment programs. So for the next 15 or 20 days everything will slow down and become a situation like no work to do. Previously also I had discussed about the works we do during the natural calamities the same will be discussed here as well if anyone has a question that are we affected by this? 

Under the guidance of my mentor Dr. Maharaja, I and Nandhini and also our team will do a lot of marketing that the reason we never approached anyone for an event instead client will approach us for events. Frankly for people like us now we don’t have any events as most of the events are cancelled especially school events and family events but does it affect us means definitely it will affect up to a certain level. At the same time how we are going to take positive side of it and make use of this time will be discussed here straight away coming to the point yes, the shut down announcement has confirmed no more events will happen up to certain period. Not only the vent industry, all others like office goers and other fields would be struck somewhere that’s the first thing I want to say here. Second thing is what you are going to do at this period. You can consider this period as a leave or vacation or a chance you got to spend for your family or you can introspect on your business for growth or you can take rest and just chill and enjoy.  In fact I have seen some of the posts which made me pity where they kept we have got many leaves to do now and how to pass in that time. Yes of course it will be good at present to time pass but once we come to the normal situation again then how we are going to get the business? As this is not a share market to raise or fall in a single day. If 15 to 20 days are affected by this corona breakout then it’s not possible to build the business either to take an event or any other opportunity immediately is not possible then definitely it takes a certain period of week or month by working hard. When situation comes to normal everyone will be in search of opportunity to earn either to get an event or a work as the competition and demand will be heavy.  In that scenario how you’re going to project oneself as the first mover or the most wanted person in the industry. So based on the available time how you’re going to strengthen yourself maybe you can make yourself physically fit by doing workouts, you can develop any skills, also can perform marketing and you can complete all the pending works of yours which are postponed due to no time. 

These are the basic suggestions I can give as most of the people do the mistake relaxing them as this is a leave and also for children don’t plan for any tour as this is not the right time to go for a vacation. Government has given leaves to all to be in a safe zone and stay home without any public gathering. If you consider this as a layoff for the event professionals means you can do the productive work without just wasting the time. So my suggestion is that the official work of my plan is if there is an event I will go and attend it otherwise I will sit in home and do the marketing activities required for the event industry in all the social media like Facebook, Instagram etc for the next 15 to 20 days will be planned and executed as well. Third thing is what are the backlogs we have and frequently I tell everyone to list down the pending works in a task list either in a paper or excel or if you’re a mobile friendly person means can note it down in the mobile notes. Also you have to list down all the works you have in a day say e.g. 300 to 400 tasks will be there. Often I discuss with my mentor Dr. Maharaja once the task list is listed down we need to spend several hundred hours to complete it. If I don’t have any work for the next 365 days then also I can spend every day 10 hours and be engaged with any work. Any work in the sense not just to pass the time it’s a productive work which will take me to the next level in my career and also to add value to my client and the people in this field. So that’s how I list down all the pending tasks and complete it whenever time is available similarly you can note down the all list of works you have and based on that you can finish it in a systematic way. So when there are events to attend you can otherwise you can complete this work, in the middle of the work if you get any call you can speak with them and resume back to the work. 

This is one of the best methods I would suggest and what I have been following to use the time productively. So many people ask us how to manage the time properly then I will suggest them with this tip to make a proper time management. I know what tasks I have to do in a day. Let’s say I have to make a live video and then after the live session for three hours and for a week everything will be ready in my excel what to do. Once a task completed will move to the next one and so on but some people may think this will be a mechanical life and life will become waste. For those people life never becomes waste by doing this for e.g. anyone in their childhood how they learnt walking, how to ride cycle, how to ride a bike and to ride a bike how we learn to control clutch, break, gear and observe both the mirrors left and right. Like the same way at the starting stage it will be like mechanically but once you learn it by doing it will become a part and parcel of your life. So if you do the tasks regularly it will go smoothly once the corona outbreak comes to an end then we all have to go back to our regular normal works because everyone is in the situation of earning for their families and need opportunities for that. Once the Covid-19 outbreak is over at that time how many people will get opportunities ready? Because everyone won’t get the opportunity immediately for e.g. if there are 100 events to happen in April once this outbreak is over and there are 200 emcees available. Then the 100 events will be given to the emcees that are in the top order, who do a good marketing and who have a good reach in the social media and for the remaining 100 probably they won’t get orders and business in rotation. So please keep yourselves equipped and prepared so that when the situation becomes normal we will get opportunities and you will be at a good level. At the same time help others and ask others for help if you need it. And one thing I want to tell and please don’t take it in a negative way, for persons like me, Dr. Maharaja and Miss Nandhini will get more calls and messages as we are social friendly persons as we share mostly in social media. If they want any information they will contact us for e.g. I’m with the support of my mentor Dr. Maharaja, I will be up to date related to technology. Nandhini has a NGO team by associating with them she will get all the information and updates related to what’s happening in the field work. So people approach us for information or help by a call or message that’s the first thing. 

Secondly people approach us for event opportunities as they have no events in their hands. After listening to this we will get upset because we are not an exception for corona breakdown and I will also be in the low state due to no events and will be under pressure to take events for us at that time people will call repeatedly and ask us for event opportunity. It will give more frustration and I never say them to their face as it’s not my policy. I will tell them if I have any opportunities then I have questions for them even if they can also work for their event opportunities how I’m doing it now , I clearly explained what are the works I’m going to do in this duration. If they also follow these steps then they no need to worry about the opportunities. When I suggest the people, Most of them deny it and never do marketing, they won’t publish about themselves and also ours in social media, they don’t support us but they accept help from us. In this situation I want to caution/disclaimer we can’t help everyone as we are in the situation of helping ourselves. If I get 20 events in a month before means now I get only 5 then I’m ready to face it but the problem is I have some financial commitments. As I said previously I have continuous work for 300 hours but it affects the revenue this month then definitely there will be financial setback. 

My advice is to stabilize financially yourselves. That’s the reason I always say that to accept an event whenever there is opportunity, rest of the time you can continue with your work. So financial backup is important and practically if I’m financially not good means definitely I grab for the opportunities instead of helping others who asked for an opportunity.  There is another way acceptable under the condition they should be ready to do the other works but if they are not ready to work my answer will be we can’t help and support them. In the second case as I always say the people who have always travelled with us during all the period will have our first preference. If my work means my order will be like first, always me and my team, people who are collaborating with us and then finally the open source. When I have told them to do the marketing and other works simply they rejected, now they come and ask us openly for an opportunity then I can’t really help them. As I’m in the responsible position to provide opportunities to 10 to 15 persons who are depending on me, these are the understandable situations, so take it as learning. Don’t think that we are in a high level position due to these discussions; even I have depended on many others and I go to them to ask for help and at the same time I keep in touch with them regularly and at some point I have contributed to them. So I can definitely speak with them without any hesitation for a favor. At the same time if anyone needs help means I can connect it with them in that lets take this as learning and always we maintain a rapport with all. Whenever a person who is doing a business gives you a suggestion Please follow the methods suggested by them that are very important. When you want someone to help you follow their methods if they are teaching you and try to associate with them as every time it’s not about the money you get but the knowledge you acquired. Most of the people are like once they enter into a new field immediately they want to start earning but they have never shown interest in learning the methods. Even now if anyone approaches me for an event opportunity then I am ready to teach them how to get events on their own but none of them are ready to learn. So definitely it’s not possible to give opportunities to others who are not willing to learn the methods, during the last one month I have received 150 to 170 messages asking for an event opportunity. In practical terms, it’s not possible to give them an event at all, if there are 10 people in the team then I have to allot them 15 events each means I need to take 150 events in total which involves lots of work. So if you ask for help, be ready to do the favor for them and how you will follow the work given by them is important based on give and take policy it will definitely help the both.  Also if you are asking for help means in return be ready to help them back, always my policy is before when I ask for help I ask them how can I help them or how can I collaborate with them for the mutual beneficiary. 

By the same way always help others and try to help yourselves and try to give hands to others also and coming to the last point of this live session is always make sure of financial backup and avoid  spending the money  for unnecessary things. Spend money wisely for the necessary things and wherever you find a way to earn, try to earn at that particular time. Please buy the provisions or biscuits or whatever is required for the one month period which can be saved for further use and be prepared for any situation that might happen in the coming days. So the important things are financial backups, provisions backup and health related things like sanitizers whatever it is needed to keep it in a stock of them. As like china, if the situation comes here also like no one must come outside for 10 to 15 days means then be ready to face it and avoid all the unnecessary outings. As an event anchor if I have an event tomorrow then my mind will like to attend the event and earn the money but try to minimize the places wherever there is a risk factor by visiting at that place and you can go to the place whatever you feel safe for you. All the best! if you have any questions or suggestions please leave it as a comment here below the video. You can contact me on my mobile number 900-308-7198 and alternate number 8610257395. You can get to know more about me on our website chennaieventprofessionals.com, like our facebook page at Chennai event professionals and subscribe to our YouTube channel Chennai event emcees for more videos. 


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