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I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran, an EnterTrainer from Chennai. I’m called in short as “Thamizh”. I already have a website www.vjthamizharasan.com that was started to share my professional and personal updates. Having had the website for 3 years, I realized now that I shall have multiple websites – one for personal blogging and other websites for my professional purposes.
Hence I’m launching this website on an auspicious day. Yes, launching this site on 15th January 2016, the day which is celebrated as “Pongal” the festival of harvest celebrated in South India. In North India it’s celebrated as Makara Sankaraanthi.
There is a proverb in Tamil “Thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum” which means “When the new month “Thai” starts you will get a lot of positive changes in your life”. With the belief in this proverb I’m launching my professional website today.
This is my new professional website : http://emceethamizh.com/
Site is under construction now. Will keep you posted after I complete the outline of the website.

Special thanks to Dr Maharaja Sivasubramanian N, who has made it possible for me. Though the thought of creating a website for my professional purpose was running in my mind for quiet a long time, I took a sudden decision yesterday to launch it on “Pongal”. When I expressed my thought to him, he made the arrangements immediately and I was able to launch it successfully on Pongal. Thank you Dr Maharaja 🙂 (y) _/\_

Emcee Thamizharasan Business Card 2016_1

Also my special congrats to my Co-Host Nandhini Parvind who has launched her first website today http://nandyontoes.com/ Her decision of creating a website for her clearly indicates that she is prepared to get into next higher level in her career. All the best Emcee‬ Nandy

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