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Good evening! I’m MC Thamizharasan here from Chennai Event emcees, Entertainers and Professionals, an Event Emcee, an Emcee Manager and founder of all the above brands. When we assign tasks to our team members, some people might think why we are giving tasks to them. There are four reasons behind that firstly they will learn out of it. The way I train my trainees is I will take them to the events along with me and beyond that there are a lot of things to learn. As I always say we don’t train them as emcees rather we train them as a brand. To give training for an emcee or to conduct games is not our main motto; always we try to train our trainees keeping in mind that our motto is to train them as a brand or business man or a professional or an entrepreneur. In this way we are teaching them what is to be done beyond the event like the main things social media marketing, people handling skills, business skills, marketing skills. Besides teaching them individually, all these things marketing activities will be trained. We teach them what social media works we do every day so that it will be easy learning for them. Immediately after teaching them they don’t have content to post then we will give them our content Chennai event emcees and ask them to share it. For e.g. in twitter if they need to post 50 to 100 posts on every day basis then we give them youtube links or our facebook posts link or photos then they will post them. In the same way every day on facebook we ask them to schedule the posts by giving them our content. 

In this type of social media training, when we give them to share or copy paste our content what happens mainly is most of them after a certain level of work they feel like they learnt it completely. For e.g. if I tell them to take links from facebook after taking 10 to 15 links they feel like they have learnt this task and ask for the next task and jump to that but what we have to do is learnt it properly by going into the in-depth of that task and learning it by taking at least 1000 links. When I give them tasks like this after doing it for 50 to 100 they may get bored of doing the same work repeatedly and will be in the thought of learning next new tasks. What my suggestion to all those members is only after doing the task repeatedly they will become expert in it and also while doing it for themselves in the future it will become very easy to handle without lag in doing that. So this is the basic thing I want to share with all my trainees and all the members who are doing this backend tasks. Another important thing is that 30 to 40 different tasks are present in event emcee or business scale. It’s not possible to learn all the tasks in a single day, so what you have to do is whenever I teach them a task for a single day or two days. If you want to learn it quickly then in the same way you have to increase the speed of work for e.g.  if anyone feels for doing the same job repeatedly and want to learn the next task , then setting the benchmark like after taking 5000 links you can go for next task means you have to work hard day and night for completing those 5000 links taking task. If you complete it then you will become an expert. For e.g. when I used to learn these things from my mentor Dr. Maharaja, I know exactly what are the shortcuts required to scheduling a post in facebook, how much time it takes to get links from youtube. So only after completely knowing about this then only I know how much time it takes for my trainees to complete the tasks easily and I can deeply analyze how much time is required to complete the task on the surface level.   So what I conclude is whenever a task is assigned to you, try to analyze it deeply and repeat it how many times you can. Once you finish this task by spending time then go to the next task for learning properly. All the best!  

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Chennai Event Professionals Anchor Thamizharasan Karunakaran

I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran called in short as Thamizh R K. I’m a Tool & Die Maker and a Psychologist by Qualification and an Event eMCee / Actor / Anchor / Trainer by Passion and Profession. I’m currently in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

I worked for several manufacturing industries, corporate and eventually into events and media career now. I started hosting events in 2011 after getting training from my VJ / Master of Ceremonies Trainers Ms Monisha Manoj and Mr Manoj.

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I worked for Puthuyugam TV Channel as Freelance Actor in 2013-14 and for ITV as show Producer and Anchor in 2014. Now I’m into full time events as Event Anchor, Emcee Manager and MC Trainer. I have also been taking part in several TV shows in Various TV Channels including Sun TV, Zee Tamil, Mega TV and Makkal TV. I have also played reporter and newsreader role in award winning Tamil movie “Aruvi” and Award Winning Pilot Film “Rudran

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Talking has been my hobby since childhood and with guidance from my Mentor Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N, I found my core value as connecting with people. Hence I enjoy hosting live events as it gives me a platform to interact and connect with live audience. I host events starting from as small as a birthday party to as big as a corporate event.

I have hosted more than 1300 events so far (as on 01st Nov 2019) which includes 700+ events as a cohost with my Business Partner MC Nandhini Aravindan. Though I started my events career in 2011, I wasn’t able to focus much on stage events while I was working for TV Channels. After I became a full-timer into events in January 2015, I took events career more serious. Hence I was able to host more than 150 events in 2015, 200+ events in 2016, 250+ events in 2017, 250+ plus events in 2018 and 200+ events in 2019.

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I’m a blogger and a Vlogger as well. You shall check my creations in my blog and shall search my videos in YouTube as “MC Thamizh”.

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I’m the founder of the brand Chennai Event Emcees which focuses on Emcee Training and the Co-Founder of Chennai Event Entertainers which focuses on collaborating with other Event Professionals and organizing events. I’m also the founder of Chennai Event Professionals which is the parent brand for both the above brands.

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