A Few key benefits having an Event Emcee brings on to your events

Benefits having an Event Emcee for your event Chennai Master of Ceremonies Thamizharasan and NandhiniAn Event Emcee is the one who hosts a live show and takes the show in a smooth flow from start to end. An Event Emcee can either present a show, deliver a speech, introduce the speakers and performers, engage with audience, provide information, entertain audience, conduct games and so on. Event Emcees are called with several other names – Stage Emcee, Master of Ceremony, Master of Ceremonies, Mistress of Ceremonies, Live Anchor, Stage Host, Compere, etc.

An Event Emcee would be of great use in Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Building Activities, Conferences, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meet, Mall Activities, Wedding Receptions . Sangeet, Get togethers, Cricket Matches and other sports, Quiz Shows, etc.

In this article I would like to discuss what are the key benefits you shall get if you have an Event Emcee for your event.

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan hosting a Birthday PartyBefore I proceed further, a small intro about me. I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran, an Event Emcee (Master of Ceremonies / Master of Ceremony / MC ) based at Chennai. I have been hosting events in Bengaluru, Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu since 2012. I have also planted the seeds to expand across India. I have hosted more than 200 events in these 4 years.

Well! Now let’s straight away get into the key benefits of having an Event Emcee for your event:

  • Out of his / her experience the event emcee would be able to able to help you organize the event in a smooth way. Even if you have already made the plan, the event emcee would be able to suggest you some changes that will bring big difference in the event. For you that may be the first event, but the event emcee would have done a number of similar events and hence they would be able to easily identify what would work out and what wouldn’t work out and they can give you suggestion to make the event more successful.
  • Event Emcee would be able to refer you to qualified potential event managers when you want someone else to organize the entire event.
  • When there are a large number of kids, it’s usually very difficult to manage the kids. Event Emcees are highly capable of handling kids through their interaction and games. Hence when you bring your kids or others bring their kids to an event, you shall be tension free as the event emcees would take care of the kids.
  • Benefits having an Event Emcee for your event Chennai Master of Ceremony Thamizharasan Benefits having an Event Emcee for your event Chennai Master of Ceremonies Thamizharasan and Nandhini
  • At the time of the event, due to excitement or tension, you may forget a lot of things. Event emcee would be very patient and wise enough to identify what are the regular things to be taken care and they would remind you and makes sure everything gets done.
  • If there is any delay in starting the event or ending the event, you shall always depend on the event emcee as a saviour. A skilled event emcee always knows how to stretch the event or shorten the event based on the need and the pulse of the audience. So if you need additional time for your preparation and the audience has already arrived, event emcee would fill in that time through his / her engagement or games.

Benefits having an Event Emcee for your event Chennai Master of Ceremonies Thamizharasan and Nandhini

  • If you have planned for any other performances like dance, mimicry, magic show, the event emcee helps you to taking the show in a smooth streamlined way by giving introduction to the performers, getting applause for the performers after their performance, filling in the gap between one performance and the other. Whenever there is a delay in between two performances, event emcee fills this gap through interaction or games. Once an event is started, there shouldn’t be any lag in between. Event emcee makes sure that there is no lag in between and the tempo is maintained throughout the event.

So the clients who are reading this article, when you hire an event emcee for your event, tell them your exact requirement for the event and they will take care of it as if it’s their family event.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it as comment below this post, I shall answer it for you.

Events Emcees and Event Managers who are reading this article, if you feel that I have missed out any important thing in this article, please feel free to leave it as comment below this post. Lets contribute and grow together.

I’m sure you found this article useful to you. If you feel this article will help your friends too, please do share it with them. Should you have any questions on Event Emceeing and organizing an event, please feel free to contact me on 9840003813 or emceethamizh@vjthamizharasan.com

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