Social Media Marketing for Chennai Event Emcees

Social Media Marketing for Chennai Event Emcees

Social Media Marketing for Chennai Event Emcees

A lot of back end work is happening with the help of Team members.

Can expect a lot of sharing about our event pictures, videos, articles, educative / informative content, training updates for the next one or two months on my wall and my pages.

Those who are unable to bear this (as few people used to complain that they see a lot of my notifications when they open their FB) shall feel free to unfriend me and block me, instead of msging me in my inbox saying “you are doing too much of marketing”. Once you have done the above, you will never find a trace of my posts anywhere in FB.

I love my profession and I’m happy sharing the updates so that others are aware of what I’m doing and they give me opportunity to serve them. Also I educate a lot of my clients through my articles and videos so that they are aware of what they exactly need from event industry. I do share articles and videos that would help fellow emcees and event managers to grow to next step in their career. So I don’t stop posting updates when someone stops me; I keep doing my work shutting my ears when someone complains without any genuine reason.

I never post on anyone’s wall (except those who are related to the post); I post my updates in my pages, in my timeline and in groups. If posts are not to be shared in groups, then whats the purpose groups have been created for and why the members have joined the group. Would suggest members to quit the group if they are not posting anything in the group and also want others to stop posting in the group.

There would be a lot of posts on my timeline but I follow the ethic not to post more than one post per day (or once in 2 days) in a group. I never spam the groups with back to back posts.

Those who are curious why I do this or what would be the net result of doing this are welcome to ask their questions. Questions are always acceptable as long as they are asked with concern and are asked with genuine intention to know the answer rather than just to complain without knowing what would be the result of it.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding. Would be glad to serve you all in whatever the way possible for me. (y) 🙂

MC Thamizharasan R K
Contact : 9840003813 | 8015091314

Chennai Event EMcees Thamizharasan about Social Media Marketing

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Importance of Marketing for an Event Emcee

Importance of Marketing for an Event Emcee

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