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What are the things to be considered when planning a Birthday Party?

  • Are you planning for a birthday party for your near and dears?

  • Are you in confusion whether to have it at a hotel or a wedding hall or at your home?

  • Do you feel that you are lost in between too much of work when you think of organizing this birthday party?

  • Are you totally confused that whom to invite, whom not to invite?

  • Are you in a worry that whether your guests would be happy at the end of the party or not?

  • Are you scared of the kids who are coming to the party and when you think of their naughtiness you get fainted

  • Are you worried about how you are going to manage those kids and make them happy at the end of the party?

If you have answered “YES” to any or all of the above questions, then its right time you have reached this page. Have a look at this article which would explain the basic preparation for a birthday party. Do remember to leave a comment at the bottom of this post or get in touch with me to share your feedback about this article or to know more about birthday party preparation. 

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan hosting a Birthday PartyWell! I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran, an Event Emcee (Master of Ceremonies / Master of Ceremony) based at Chennai. I have been hosting events like Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Building Activities, Conferences, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meet, Mall Activities, Wedding Receptions . Sangeet, Get togethers, Cricket Matches, Quiz Shows, etc. in Bengaluru, Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu. I have also planted the seeds to expand across India.

Why do I write articles?

As I progressed in my events career, I realized that it’s my responsibility to educate the clients about the event industry so that it would be easy for them to take better decisions on their events and select right persons for their events. So here is one such educating article for you.

What is the mentality of a client when preparing for a Birthday party?

Whenever I get an enquiry for a birthday party, client would have booked all other services first and I’m (entertainment professional) the last person to get booked. This is the usual case when it comes for booking of event emcees and other entertainment professionals. When I have a talk with the client about the other services they had booked, clients usually are in confusion and they admit that they have booked everything in hurry and they are not sure how things will fall in place and they would request me to take care of everything and make the event grand hit.

This made me realize that the clients should be aware of the birthday party preparation so that they know whom to contact and in which order to contact. Thats the reason I’m writing this article.

First let me tell you what are the major things to be considered while preparing for a birthday party.  

1) Venue (Party Hall / Wedding hall / Resort / House)
2) Decoration
3) Food
4) Cake
5) Return Gifts
6) Invitation
7) Entertainment
8) DJ and Sound system
9) Stalls
10) Photography

1) Venue (Party Hall / Wedding hall / Resort / House) for a birthday party

You can either book a party hall or book a wedding hall and go for grand decoration. Decoration includes Stage Decoration, Balloon Decoration, Designing Flex Banners, Designing LED wall, etc. If you book a party hall, majority of the places they charge you for buffet and give the hall for free. However they will need minimum orders like 50 numbers or 100 numbers. Also you cannot order for food from outside caterers. If you book a wedding hall, you pay only for the rent and miscellaneous and you can order for catering from outside. Booking resorts is also an alternate if you have sufficient budget and your guests are ready to travel. Because majority of the resorts are in ECR and OMR. If you have budget constraint or you expect very minimum guests, then you shall host the party at your terrace.

Birthday Party Hall and Decoration Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan

2) Decoration for a birthday party

Some party halls provide their own decoration and other places we need to book the decorators. Decorations include stage decoration, balloon decorations and flex banner / LED wall. Decoration patterns keep improving day after day. Based on your budget you shall go for variety in decoration. You shall have simple decoration with a small stage and a flex banner and few balloons. You shall go for theme based decorations where when the guests enter the hall they feel like they are in a different place. Common themes that are being used now are Sports theme, Jungle theme, Minion and cartoon character themes, etc. Your decorator would be able to explain you the theme varieties they have or may be if you have some theme in your mind, a qualified decorator would be able to design it for you.

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan at Birthday Party with Jungle Theme

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan at Birthday Party with Jungle Theme

Birthday Party Balloon Decoration

3) Food Planning for a birthday party

As I explained earlier, majority of the party halls charge you only for the buffet and they give the hall for free. They would give you the buffet menu and you shall select your menu. If you are booking a wedding hall, then you can select your own caterers.

4) Planning the Cake for a birthday party

Its better to order for the cake from nearby location to the party venue. Also please don’t bring cake too early to the party hall. Bring it lesser than an hour before the actual cake cutting time. Usually cake withstands for 2 hours if it is in air-conditioned room and some cake starts melting in an hour. So check with the bakers how long the cake can withstand and check the availability of refrigerator or air-conditioned room at the party hall and plan to pick the cake accordingly.

Birthday Party Cake

5) Return Gifts for a birthday party

You can plan for some return gifts for housewives and kids. Gifts like tiffin box, plates, boxes with chocolates, stationery, toys are usual return gifts. You shall find a lot of collections at Kasi Chetty street, Parrys.

6) Invitation for a birthday party

A few people plan for invitation printed on card and others they just invite orally. Based on the number of invitees, you shall plan for the invitation format. Mention the start time of the event as just one hour before the cake cutting time. For eg. If you plan for cake cutting at 8pm, then mention in the invitation as “Event starts at 7pm”. Don’t invite the guests too early unless you have a lot of entertainment factors. Unlike a wedding you don’t invite all your friends and relatives for the birthday party. Usually the audience size would be 50 to 200 for a birthday party. So plan accordingly whom you are going to invite.

7) Entertainment and entertainers for a birthday party

Entertaining the guests has become a trend now. Traditional birthday party is the one where guests come, they talk among each other, take part in cake cutting, have dinner and leave. However the recent trend is that they look for some entertainment in the party. Entertainment like game shows, magic, puppet show, mimicry, variety dance, bee-boying, DJ are the most used these days. Whoever the entertainment professional you book, you would need an event emcee (Stage Host / Anchor / Master of Ceremonies / Master of Ceremony / Birthday MC) to host the event in a flow. The role of the event emcee is to take the event in a smooth flow from start to end and also coordinate with the other entertainment professionals to make sure that everything goes on time. Event emcee also engage and interact with the guests, conduct games and entertain them. Would share about the Event Emceeing in depth in a separate article later. If your guests are dance based audience, its good to book a DJ to play good numbers based on the pulse of the guests.

8) DJ and Sound system for a birthday party

Sound system is needed when you plan for the entertainment. Usually party halls have their own sound system. If you book wedding hall, they would just have DVD player to play music. If you book an emcee or other entertainment professionals, you would definitely need good sound system along with mic. In case you don’t have it at the wedding hall, you can take it for rent from the nearby place. Wedding hall manager would give you the contact. If you book a DJ, they would bring their own powerful sound system along with sufficient number of mics. In case you have a home party or a terrace party, you can use a PA system (Portable Amplifier system – A cordless mic and a portable amplifier / speaker). If you expect kids in the party, then for sure you need mic to control them.

 Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan with Birthday Party DJ Karthik Enrich EventsPA system (Portable Amplifier) for Birthday Party

9) Stalls for a birthday party

Stalls like mehndi design, tattoo design, caricature, photo booth, chocolate fountain, popcorn corner, nail art, air balloon jumping, balloon sculpting will keep the guests engaged and thrilled. However don’t go for too many stalls. Based on the number of guests you invite and the time duration they are going to be there, select the adequate number of stalls. Ideally 2 to 3 stalls would be good for an event.

 Stall activities for a birthday party Stall activities list for a birthday party

10) Photography and videography for a birthday party

Memories are to be captured and treasured. Whatever you have seen above are just a one day show. But if you like to retain the memories forever, you need to capture these moments with a still camera and a video camera. Its good to book one still photographer and one videographer for a birthday party.

Role of Event managers and Event Organizers for a birthday party

These are the basic tips to prepare for a birthday party. However to make your work more simple and to be at more ease, you shall contact Event Managers / Event Organizers. They would be able to organize all these things for you and you shall be relaxed at the event enjoying the event and taking care of your guests in a better way.

Quick tips to select the services for the birthday party:

List of services for birthday party

I’m sure you found this article useful to you. If you feel this article will help your friends too, please do share it with them. Should you have any questions on Birthday Party arrangements, please feel free to contact me on 9840003813 or emceethamizh@vjthamizharasan.com

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