Touched with my co-host Nandhini’s dedication towards Emceeing and her Passion

Chennai Sports Cohosts Nandhini and Thamizh hosting Republic Cup Flood Light Cricket Match at Amir MahalAs I was browsing through my Facebook profile today, I stopped for a while at a post that was updated by my very good friend and Event Cohost Nandhini. This post reminded me of her dedication towards emceeing and her passion.

What’s so special about this post that it stopped me and made me comment on this post taking around 10 minutes of my time?


I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran, an Event Emcee based at Chennai and have been hosting Family Events to Corporate Events in Chennai and other Parts of Tamilnadu.  I would like to share my experience about an event that had become one of the most memorable heart touching events for me.

The reason I’m writing this article is because of the post I saw in Facebook. Here is the link for this post:

Chennai CoHosts Nandhini and Thamizh hosting Cricket Match at Amir Mahal

This is the comment I made for this post which would explain the exact reason why I said “Emcee Nandhini is a person who has dedication towards emceeing and her passion”:
“Haa haaa. Thats really a great event. I can never forget this event. One of the events that’s close to my heart. 🙂 (y) When they made a first call to you at 4pm, you never knew what an Emcee does at a Cricket match. You called me and asked me if I would be able to come as a support. To admit it honestly, even I had never done emceeing for a cricket match before (though I know cricket rules) :p 😀 However we were very confident and we decided that we will do this event and rock the show. You reached the venue at 6pm; I have to mention that here. Within such a short notice, you were able to reach the venue on time without any excuses. This attitude will definitely take you to greater heights. (y) (y)

Chennai Sports Cohosts Nandhini and Thamizh hosting Republic Cup Flood Light Cricket Match at Amir Mahal

We started the event at 6.30 pm and found out in a short span, what has to be done there and what will add flavour to that event. Eventually that was a great event for us, for the client and the participants and I was surprised that when we left the ground, time was 11.45pm. I didn’t find a single mark of hesitation or frustration on your face inspite of the fact that it’s too late in the night. Rather all I could see was the smile and satisfaction on your face. Your dedication towards your passion is commendable (y) 🙂 On top of everything, we were surprised to see such a humble event manager who was very dynamic and supportive. (y) (y) Kudos Sandy Subu 🙂 Special thanks to Emcee Devaki for the reference. My heartfelt thanks to each and every heart and soul behind this event. _/\_”

Chennai Sports Cohosts Nandhini and Thamizh hosting Republic Cup Flood Light Cricket Match at Amir Mahal

I wanted to dedicate this post to my cohost and a great friend Emcee Nandhini for inspiring me through this event. Infact after cohosting this event with her, I got an opportunity to host another cricket match at YMCA ground. I need to convey a bunch of thanks to Nandhini because the 2nd cricket match opportunity came to me through her.

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