What are the challenges faced by an Event Emcee in a birthday party?

When there is a birthday party or a get together, an Event Emcee takes the show in a flow and coordinates with the other entertainment professionals to make sure the event goes in order without any lag. Majority of the clients would be very anxious about the success of the event. For them sometimes it’s one time event for their family and they would love to give great memories to their guests. So they would have too many questions in their mind along with unknown fear and anxiety.

Hence when they book an event emcee for a birthday party they would ask too many questions to the event emcee, they would want to meet the event emcee several times before the event, they would ask the emcee script, they would expect the event emcee to be too patient at the event and complete the event successfully inspite of the fact that a lot of things are unorganized in the event.

I have faced a lot of similar situation and hence wanted to write an article on this so that it would be helpful for the clients and also to other emcees and event managers.

Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan conducting games at Birthday PartyI’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran, an Event Emcee (Master of Ceremonies / Master of Ceremony / MC )based at Chennai. I have been hosting events like Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Building Activities, Conferences, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meet, Mall Activities, Wedding Receptions . Sangeet, Get togethers, Cricket Matches, Quiz Shows, etc. in Bengaluru, Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu. I have also planted the seeds to expand across India.

Clients want to meet the event emcee in person :

Since it’s a first event for the family or a one time event, they would be anxious and worried about the performance of the event emcee. So they would want to meet the event emcee at the client’s residence and have interaction with him/her to discuss the agenda. A lot of event emcees would resist to meet the client as it involves additional time and travel. Though the event emcee wouldn’t be interested to meet the client, in order not to miss the event they would reluctantly meet the client.

Tamilnadu Birthday Party Master of Ceremonies in client meet at Namakkal Even I’m a person who tries to avoid in person meets when there is no actual need. So when client asks me to meet them in person I would ask them the real purpose and agenda of the meet. If they say “I  just want to meet” I tell them that “certain things that can be finalized over email and phone can be done that way and only when there is a real need we shall meet”. I won’t blame the clients in these situations. Rather I would suggest the event emcee and the event managers to be proactive and explain the client the procedure for the event and give confidence to the clients.  If the Event Emcee has previous events’ pictures and videos, that can be sent to the clients to make them feel confident about the event emcee. That’s why I usually suggest all the event emcees to have their video profiles. At the same time when there is a real need Event Emcee can meet the client in person.

Client would ask for games list or client would suggest some games to the Event Emcee :

As I explained in the previous case, in majority of the cases clients wouldn’t actually know the potential and capability of the event emcee. So they would be asking the event emcee to explain them all the games and email them the complete games list. Also some clients would suggest a few games to the event emcee saying that their relatives would enjoy such type of games.

When I face such situation,  instead of explaining all the games to the client, I explain the client what sort of games I conduct. I tell the client that “A few games would involve all the guests and they can play sitting in their places, then I would conduct a few games on stage for kids, then I would call few elders on stage and conduct games for them, then I would call elders and kids for 2 player games and finally I would conduct a group game where everyone takes part again”. In my experience, none of the clients have asked any question after I gave the above explanation. They could feel the confidence level when I explain the event in such a smooth flow.

Also I wouldn’t ignore the games what the clients suggest even if it’s a very simple game. I should respect the clients’ feelings and suggestions. I’ll make a note of the games suggested by the clients and would tell them that “I would plan for these games as well and conduct these games if I feel that these games would be enjoyed at that moment; based on the audience pulse I would keep shuffling the games”. All my clients have agreed to this and to my surprise I have never used any games suggested by clients. The reason being they already enjoy the new games what I conduct and they were not in need of any other games. So its always in the hands of the event emcee to handle such situation effectively and make the clients feel confident on the event emcee.

Cake or dinner gets delayed and the event emcee has to stretch the games :

Sometimes the cake doesn’t come on time or the dinner gets delayed and I need to stretch my games till they get ready. If the size of the audience is huge, then its easy to stretch. But if the audience size is small and they are more introverts, it would be little challenging to conduct more games for the same set of people especially when they show resistance.  In such cases I either conduct the table games or identify few people who are extroverts and make them speak in mic. If there are kids, I make them say rhymes, sing songs, etc. Also the event emcee should check all these details well in advance from the client regarding the dinner time and the arrival of the cake.

Chennai Event MC Thamizharasan conducting table games at Birthday Party Chennai Event Emcee Thamizharasan conducting games at Birthday Party

Guests would want the cake cutting to happen all of sudden in the birthday party :

In some cases while conducting games, some of the guests would be so restless and they would want the cake cutting to be done as soon as possible as they need to leave home. They would not let me conduct games though others are interested to take part in the games.This happens especially on week days as the guests need to go home, take rest and go to office the next day. I always check with the client what is the exact time they want the cake cutting and would tell them I need atleast 20 to 30 minutes to conduct games before the cake cutting. Inspite of these preparation, a few guests would be restless during games and it’s always better to discuss with the birthday kid’s parents and take the final decision whether to go for cake cutting or continue games for some more time.

Issues with audio system and mic in a birthday party :

In some cases there would be issues with audio system and mic doesn’t work or sometimes client wouldn’t have booked mic at all. When there are more number of kids, it’s very difficult to manage them without mic. I can easily make them play games. But in the excitement they keep shouting and they wouldn’t be able to hear my next command. Whatever the sound the kids make, if we have mic and speaker, we would be able to control the kids as they could hear what we say. But if what we speak doesn’t reach kids ears, then we cannot control the kids. In case the client books a home party / terrace party or restaurant party where there is no mic, I take my PA system (portable Amplifier) with me.

So the Events Emcees and Event Managers who are reading this article, please help the clients understand the process and make them feel confident about you. Also if you feel that I have missed out any important thing in this article, please feel free to leave a comment below this post. Lets contribute and grow together.

The clients who are reading this article, please understand the situation of the Event Emcees and trust them when you give the event and make sure that you provide them all they need so that they make your event a grand hit and give great memories to your guests.

I’m sure you found this article useful to you. If you feel this article will help your friends too, please do share it with them. Should you have any questions on Birthday Party arrangements, please feel free to contact me on 9840003813 or emceethamizh@vjthamizharasan.com

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