What are the do’s and don’ts when selecting an Event Emcee for your event?

Tamilnadu Event Emcee Thamizharasan at Namakkal National ConferenceAn Event Emcee is the one who hosts a live show and takes the show in a smooth flow from start to end. An Event Emcee can either present a show, deliver a speech, introduce the speakers and performers, engage with audience, provide information, entertain audience, conduct games and so on. Event Emcees are called with several other names – Stage Emcee, Master of Ceremony, Master of Ceremonies, Mistress of Ceremonies, Live Anchor, Stage Host, Compere, etc.

Chennai Birthday Party MC Thamizharasan the eventAn Event Emcee would be of great use in Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Building Activities, Conferences, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meet, Mall Activities, Wedding Receptions . Sangeet, Get togethers, Cricket Matches and other sports, Quiz Shows, etc.

When you book an Event Emcee for your event you need to take care of few things which is what I’m going to discuss in this article.

Well! Before I proceed further, a small intro about me. I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran, an Event Emcee (Master of Ceremonies / Master of Ceremony / MC ) based at Chennai. I have been hosting events in Bengaluru, Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu since 2012. I have also planted the seeds to expand across India. I have hosted more than 200 events in these 4 years.

First let me discuss what are the Do’s when you select an Event Emcee for your event :

  • Furnish all the required details that are related to your event to the event emcee and then ask him / her to explain the flow they would be taking the event. Details you need to furnish are what is the type of the event, date, timing and venue of the event, what is the audience size and demography, what is the end result you expect out of the event, what is the maximum allotted budget, etc.
  • Have a telephonic call with the event emcee or ask him / her to send a rough event flow through email
  • Ask the event emcee about the previous experience of hosting similar events
  • Ask the event emcee for pictures and videos of previous events. Almost every event emcee would have a profile. Please go through his / her profile before you have a discussion with them.
  • Discuss the dress code with the event emcee especially with female emcees. If you have any specific requirement, do let them know in prior.
  • Discuss the payment terms clearly whether you would be giving cash in spot or you would give it as cheque or you would give the payment after few days. Explain your payment terms clearly to the event emcees.
  • In case your budget doesn’t fit in for that particular event emcee, ask him / her for reference who would be able to do for your budget.
  • Giving due respect to the event emcee’s experience ask his / her suggestions to improve your event in any way
  • If you have a script for your event, send the script well in advance rather than giving it at the last moment.

Well! Isn’t that so simple to select an Event Emcee for your event?

Now lets see what are the important Don’ts i.e. the things that will make an Event Emcee upset, though usually majority of the event emcees will not show it on the face but they will definitely feel bad about it.

Major don’ts when you select an Event Emcee for your event:

  • One of the biggest challenges Event Emcees face is that the clients take the Event Emcees for granted. Clients just like that would ask the event emcee to come for in person meeting when there is no actual need at all. Certain things could have been completed over the phone or email, but the clients take the Event Emcees for granted and ask them to come for in person meeting even without having any proper agenda for the meet. Fresher emcees in order not to miss the order would meet the clients any number of times. But experienced event emcees know better how to handle such situations. So when you call the event emcees for an in-person meet, please think twice whether the meet is really needed. In case you feel the meet is really needed with clear agenda, then treat the event emcee in a nice way as they spend their time and money (to travel) for this meet. You can either send them cab or you shall pay them travel allowance, which would be a motivation factor for them and they would give their best for your event.
  • Another big challenge for event emcees is that they would be called to the venue so earlier. Ideally it’s good enough if the event emcee reaches the venue 30 minutes or 1 hour before the event start time unless the script is very complex and it needs more time to discuss. Most of the event emcees are very spontaneous and they could pick up the script so soon. But usually client or the event manager without even considering any factor, they would ask the event emcee to come to the venue very earlier.
  • When discussing the budget with an event emcee, never tell them that another emcee is ready to do for low budget but why does he /she asks for more budget. Instead of comparing the budget, ask them what they would be able to do for your event. There are 3 categories of event emcees in the event industry – low budget, moderate budget and premium budget emcees. Budget of the event emcees varies based on their experience, knowledge, skill sets, training they have undergone and a lot other factors. So instead of keeping the budget as the first factor and comparing the budget, first check if that event emcee would fit in your event and would do justice for the event. Analyze what would be the added advantage of having that particular emcee and what would be the risk factor if you go for a low budget emcee. If you consider these factors, budget would never be a problem for any event. Sometimes your event wouldn’t require much skill set and experience; in such cases instead of negotiating with a high budgeted emcee and wasting your time and his /her time, you shall directly use moderate budget and low budget emcees. This would save your money as well.
  • It’s a known fact that experience is needed for anything. But experience alone is not the only factor to select an event emcee. So never reject a profile just because they don’t have experience. Try giving opportunities to freshers as well. Take calculated risk. Have a telephonic call or in-person meet with him / her and find their confidence level and select them if you find them good enough to host your event. All the kings are born as a baby.

So the clients who are reading this article, please follow the guidelines while selecting an Event Emcee for your event and make sure that you provide them all they need so that they make your event a grand hit and give great memories to your audience. If you would like to add something to this post, please feel free to leave it as comment below this post.

Events Emcees and Event Managers who are reading this article, if you feel that I have missed out any important thing in this article, please feel free to leave it as comment below this post. Lets contribute and grow together.

I’m sure you found this article useful to you. If you feel this article will help your friends too, please do share it with them. Should you have any questions on Event Emceeing and organizing an event, please feel free to contact me on 9840003813 or emceethamizh@vjthamizharasan.com

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